Gum Arabic, Sahelian Gold

Improving the gum arabic value chain structure to increase the income of local communities Since 2009, SOS SAHEL has been working on a gum tree project in the province of Guéra, in the south of Chad. Since the establishment of this project, our teams have supported the professionalization of 28,000 producers, providing them with technical […]

Fostering Cross-Border Trade between Ethiopia and Sudan

Developing resilient agricultural systems and transforming the living conditions of local communities by strengthening the gum arabic sector and increasing access to water This project aims to strengthen the livelihoods of 30,000 farmers, improve living conditions and increase agricultural productivity by revitalizing the gum arabic industry and creating access to water. The cross-border region between […]

Fonio, The Sahel’s Super Grain

Fostering new economic opportunities and improving the resilience of communities This project aims to boost the economic development of fonio, an essential cereal for food security strategies of the Malian population, by strengthening its value chain from production through marketing. The Mopti region, targeted by the project, is characterized by precariousness and high food and […]

Djigui Niokolo: “Hope in Niokolo” Through Fonio

Creating new economic opportunities and empowering women This ambitious project in the the South-Eastern part of the country aims to boost and promote the fonio sector, a native Sahelian cereal that is resistant to drought and is key to the population’s food security. The three targeted regions record the highest poverty rates in the country, […]

Djibouti – Boosting Goat Farming

Disseminating innovative practices to support the goat industry and strengthen the resilience of breeders This region is one that is traditionally characterized by high poverty levels. With nearly 60% of the population living below the poverty line, coupled with a climate crises, the region faces growing food insecurity. We must strengthen the goat farming sector […]

Beog Puuto, Fields of the Future

Boosting agricultural production by creating service centers for 350,000 smallholder farmers Since 2019, Beog Puuto has been one of the most ambitious projects of SOS SAHEL with both a social and ecological dimension. Through this project, SOS SAHEL plans to restore 30,000 hectares of agricultural land to the benefit of the Burkinabe population, 72% of […]

Aloe Vera a Promising Plant

Strengthening women’s livelihoods by fostering new economic opportunities Aloe vera is a product that’s well-adapted to the arid Sahelian climate. This project aims to develop and revitalize the aloe vera industry, a promising but still under-exploited potential in Ethiopia. Our ambition is to support women’s entrepreneurship in the Borena region by creating opportunity and jobs […]

Urban Agroforestry in the Sahel

Revolutionizing the supply of resources in Sahelian cities through urban agroforestry models Africa is urbanizing faster than any continent to date. Cities are expanding rapidly without planning and require more and more resources to meet the needs of their inhabitants while facing a hostile and erratic climate. Faced with this challenge, it is necessary to […]