Africa days edition 2021


The Sahel is facing many challenges. However, the Sahel does not lack natural resources, experience-based capacity, or initiatives. What the Sahelian region lacks the most is investment and financial support that’s adapted to local needs, practices and projects.

It is around this topic that the 5th edition of Africa Days will be organized from May 25 to 28, in a hybrid format. 

Let’s connect the resources of Sahelian territories to maximize the Sahel’s potential!

The countries of the Sahel face many challenges. The extreme aridity of the region and the excessive variability of its climate make it a unique region. Yet the dry regions of Africa are not marginal areas of little interest. On the contrary, they are recognized as areas of opportunity, with uncommon dynamic forces, that beg to be valued. Sahelians aspire to be recognized and supported in their efforts to adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing world.

In response, SOS SAHEL proposes a territorial approach in which most of the ingredients and forces of change are already present in the region. With only a need to be mobilized and put into motion.

This vision is one that is also shared by the Great Green Wall initiative. Implementation of this strategy combines local governance and economic development in the Sahel.

It is with this same vision of a prosperous and resilient region that we support the development in the Sahel. In the field, our teams provide tools and skills to build and initiate regional projects, that respond to social and economic challenges and which utilize local practices, resources and strengths.


The Africa Days 2021 will open with the Agri-Hackathon and will end with a forum and a gala.

Agri-Hackathon May 25-27

Let's connect the resources of Sahelian territories to maximize the Sahel's potential!

The Agri-Hackathon aims to create digital solutions for the municipalities of the Sahel, which facilitate access to data, monitoring and decision-making tools and which encourage local knowledge sharing. 11 teams from Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Senegal will compete to try to win a prize for the best technological innovation.
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Forum and Market Place May 28

How to mobilize investments to develop Sahelian territories?

The Forum exists to connect the resources of Sahelian territories in order to maximize the Sahel's potential and encourage investments in local efforts.. The event gathers national and regional institutions, technical and financial partners from the public and private sectors and civil society organizations. It underlines the diversity of the experiences in the Sahel and within the the territories of the Great Green Wall.
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Gala May 28

A gala at the Pullman in Dakar will close the Africa Days 2021. The event will include an award ceremony for the three winning teams of the Agri-Hackathon and a concert with our loyal musical artists Didier Awadi, Korka, Cheich Tidiane Seck, Kani Sidibé and Nampé Sadio.
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Le forum et une market 28 mai

Comment mobiliser les investissements pour développer les territoires sahéliens ?

Le forum donnera la parole aux acteurs de terrain pour témoigner de la diversité des expériences en cours dans les territoires de la Grande Muraille Verte, et considérer avec une large gamme de partenaires techniques, institutionnels et du secteur privé, la nature des investissements attendus et les mécanismes de leur mise à disposition des acteurs sahéliens.

Le gala 28 mai

Un gala au Pullman à Dakar, clôturera les Africa Days 2021.

Au programme : remise des prix aux trois équipes lauréates de l’Agri-Hackathon et concert avec nos fidèles artistes Didier Awadi et Cheick Tidiane Seck.