Africa Days 2022: May 16

The annual Africa Days Forum took place on May 16 at the French Institute in Abidjan, alongside the COP15, the 15th Conference of Parties of the UNCCD (Convention of United Nations Combat Desertification), on the thème : 
Together for the Great Green Wall : 
Let’s invest in local initiatives !







Together to create the Great Green Wall: Invest in local initiatives!

The Great Green Wall (GMW) for the Sahara and the Sahel is the flagship initiative of the African continent, and more particularly of the dry areas of Africa to restore ecosystems, transform degraded lands and restore their fertility, take advantage of natural resources in a sustainable way and thus guarantee better living conditions for Sahelian families.

The implementation of the GGW requires, from the point of view of SOS SAHEL, a “multi-stakeholder” approach, a coordinated approach supported by the communities in the form of decentralized initiatives and territorial projects.

Non-state actors make an essential contribution and support states in achieving the GGW. Very diverse (agricultural entrepreneurs, producer organizations, local authorities, local development associations, etc.), non-state actors have extensive knowledge of the environment, appropriate modes of social organization, and an invaluable capital of knowledge.

At the same time, technical and financial partners are increasingly attentive to the achievements of non-state actors. They express the desire to support field projects to accelerate the implementation of the GGW and guarantee better ownership of the initiative by the communities.

Thus, to achieve the GGW objectives, and stimulate large-scale impacts, it is essential to:

  • Develop projects that can generate impacts within the territories and the interest of investors
  • Recognize and support local initiatives
  • Strengthen the mechanisms that can connect project leaders and investors