Africa Days 2021 booklet:

Sahel: How do we mobilize investments to develop territories ? Let’s connect the resources of Sahelian territories to maximize the Sahel’s potential!

Recommendations for field stakeholders

Africa Days Cover 2020Africa Days 2020 booklet:

“How we can create a crisis-resilient economy ? “

This booklet presents the results of discussions and the work carried out between the actors and recommendations to share with stakeholders in the field.

http://online.fliphtml5.com/niiud/dmnm/Africa Days 2019 booklet:

“How to modernize and intensify agriculture in the Sahel ? “

Recommendations and concrete solutions to share for those working in the field

Africa Days 2018 booklet:

“How to promote local products from the Sahel ? “

14 recommendations to share for those working in the field